Mittwoch, Juni 21, 2006

The great escape!

Wake from your dreams
the drying of your tears
today we escape
we escape

pack and get dressed
before your father hears us
before all hell breaks loose
breathe keep breathing
dont loose your nerve
breathe keep breathing
i cant do this alone
sing us a song
a song to keep us warm
theres such a chill such a CHILL
you can laugh
a spineless laugh
we hope your rules and wisdom choke you
now we are one
in everlasting peace
we hope that you choke that you choke

1 Kommentar:

pixy hat gesagt…

πάρα πολύ καλοί οι radiohead,δε λέω, αλλά σε ρίχνουν. μήπως να κατέβαζες κ εσύ τη shakira;; έστω τους gotan project..